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Founded in 2021 by Olawale Adetula (CEO) Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi and Daniel Aideyan, we are a Film and TV production company committed to taking original African stories to the world. TNC Africa forms part of the evolution of The Naked Convos, an award-winning digital community that helped young Africans express themselves through articles, opinion pieces and short stories, which was founded by Olawale Adetula.

Our vision as a business is to tell original African stories that depict Africa and Africans in their true form. The majority of what is known to the world about Africa today is what is depicted by the western media – even when African creators get the opportunity to tell African stories, most of their content doesn’t make it past gatekeepers – this has created a gap we believe we at TNC can fill.

TNC Africa will tell the African stories that haven’t been told and retell those that have been told incorrectly. As a young company led by young Africans, our approach is to lead with digital and consistently innovate. We will skew our content to primarily focus on TV (long-form serialized content) in video and audio format distributed across digital streaming platforms, while film and features will be secondary.

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